Festive Lighting with The Electric Crew

Outdoor Lighting This Summer


The festive season is about to kick off and like many, you may be planning Summer barbeques and evening drinks in the garden or patio. Outdoor lighting is without a doubt the best way to enhance your outdoor space both for function and decoration. Many people have practical spotlights creating effective but harsh light over their outdoor area. These lights offer little ambiance or aesthetic value. Our electricians at The Electric Crew specialize in outdoor garden lighting that is designed to complement and highlight your garden, pool and alfresco dining area.

Permanent Festoon Lighting 

Permanent Festoon Lighting 

Festoon Lighting

Festoon Lights are large bulb garland lights that can be strung decoratively both indoors and outdoors. Our electricians install Festoon Lighting as a permanent decorative feature of your garden that adds romance and a festive mood all year round. We use longer lasting, energy and cost saving LED globes that create a warm glow. Coloured bulbs are also available.

Festoon Lighting above an alfresco dining area

Garden Lighting with Copper Spike Lights

Another way to enhance your outdoor space is with garden lights that are positioned to highlight specific plants and garden features and wash a warm glow over the surrounding shrubs. Our electricians have worked with many clients and landscape designers on garden projects so we can recommend the style, quantity and positioning of garden lights to best suit your space.  We have a preference for copper and use both twin directional copper spike lights and copper spike uplights often.

Copper uplights illuminate specific features of the garden.

Garden Lighting by The Electric Crew for award winning 'Ohana' Garden at MIFGS 2015

Garden Lighting by The Electric Crew for award winning 'Ohana' Garden at MIFGS 2015


Controlling your Outdoor Lighting: Automation and Schedules

How you will control your outdoor lights is an important consideration. We recommend that your outdoor garden lights are automated affordably with Nero powered by Environexus. This involves installation of a simple module that then offers you full control from your smart devices from any location. You can choose to have an indoor or outdoor wall switch or not have one at all. Choosing to automate your outdoor lights also offers you the ability to create schedules. Your outdoor lights can automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at a set time. If you go to bed before your lights are scheduled to turn off, you can switch them off with a simple click on your phone without getting up. That is convenient!

Contact Tom at The Electric Crew to discuss festive lighting for a fun summer at your place.