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The Electric Crew come highly recommended as Camberwell Electricians because of our professionalism and electrical expertise. We pride ourselves on clear and consistent communication with our clients and offer expertise in home lighting automation, smart garden lighting, and home security systems.

As a trusted Electrical contractor servicing the Camberwell area, we respond promptly to calls for quick-fix electrical jobs and emergency electrical jobs, as well as full rewires, switchboard upgrades, and home renovations.

The following are projects that our electricians have completed in the Camberwell area:

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Outdoor electrical installation of TV, Oven, Outdoor fan, speakers and internet.

LED Light changeover and Retrofit Home Automation project in Camberwell

Our electricians were called out to a local Camberwell home to upgrade their halogen downlights to new LED down lights. Our electricians chose the highest quality LED downlights that replicate the warm light of a halogen because we believe that lighting should be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. The client also asked our electrician to recommend lighting solutions for their kitchen and garden. Strip LEDs were installed under kitchen benches and cupboard shelves to provide a great source of light for task areas. This client also engaged us to install retro-fit lighting automation so that they could have greater control over their lights from their mobile phones and thereby avoid confusion with their many switches. Automation allowed their habitual behaviours to be programmed on schedules so that they could eliminate the need for many of the switches around their home.

Outdoor light installation in Camberwell by our electricians.

Garden Lighting for a recently landscaped Camberwell home

A client in the Camberwell area contacted The Electric Crew for their expertise in garden lighting control systems.  Having recently landscaped their front and back gardens, the client wanted to use smart garden lighting to highlight the features of the garden. The client was pleased with the aesthetic of the high-quality copper light fittings selected by our electrician, and they were also excited to incorporate outdoor home automation.  The outdoor garden automation allowed their garden lights to be placed on a timing-schedule and be controlled from their smart devices to integrate fully with the home lighting automation. This smart garden lighting not only looks incredible and adds value to their home, but it also improves the utility of the outdoor space for entertainment at night.

Automated home entry lights at this Mornington holiday house

Home Security System Installation in the Camberwell Area

Our local Camberwell electricians are licensed security advisers and installers with particular expertise in integrating home security systems with home automation. Many residents in the Camberwell area are conscious about home security and call The Electric Crew to advise them on home security options. We have installed security cameras in many homes and set them up so that clients can monitor the camera both locally and remotely and replay video footage. Additional security measures that we often recommend include outdoor lights on schedules and motion sensors, and to incorporate smart home automation into the home so that indoor lighting can be placed on schedules when clients are on holiday.

Installing Dimmable LED lights and using Home Automation

Our Camberwell electrician recently completed a residential electrical job for a client who wanted the ability to dim the lights in their home. Upon the recommendation of our electrician, the client decided to install a home automation product that can be retro-fitted behind existing switches and allows for lights to be dimmed using a push button and via an app on their smart devices. Further small lighting jobs were identified and completed around the home including the addition of strip LED lights behind bulkheads in their downstairs entertaining area to create indirect wash of light across the walls. LED flood lights on motion sensors were also added to light up the basketball area and act as security lighting. Outdoor power points were also added to the client’s outdoor deck and outdoor entertainment area.