Home Automation and Home Security for a Holiday Rental Property

Mornington peninsula

  • Easy keyless entry is granted to guests remotely via a code for the wireless digital lock.
  • Via the app on personal devices, guests have access during their stay to the garage controls, lighting and heating, alarm control.
  • Guests can enjoy the home’s pool, which is maintained primarily through schedules of self-cleaning and filtration through home automation.  
  • Guests can wirelessly play audio to selected rooms around the home, including the outdoor pool area directly from their phone when connected to Wifi.
  • The owner is able to monitor energy produced from the solar panels on the roof
  • The owner can check if any appliances have been left on and if so, remotely shut them off. 
  • For security purposes, the external or internal lighting can be scheduled to turn on at certain times or done so manually and remotely, even when the property is vacant. 

Managing a rental property can have a few challenges with regard to convenient entry access for guests, appliances being left on, warming or cooling the home for guests prior to arrival, compatibility with HIFI, maintenance of a pool, and security of the property when vacant. Many of these challenges can be alleviated by having a connected smart home with Environexus automation

The Electric Crew worked closely with the owners of this Mornington holiday home and was able to retrofit many automated and connected functions to improve convenience for both guests and the owner.

Access to the home is made secure and easy with a Lockwood Digital Lock. Personalised and removable codes are generated by the owner for new guests and can be shared with all guests to make their stay easier with keyless entry. The owner can remotely monitor the status of the garage door and lock to ensure the house is secure at any time.

Guests (and cleaners) use an app to open the garage door. In doing this, the alarm is automatically turned off and the outdoor and entry lighting is activated. 

Guests can walk into a hydraulically heated home that the owner was able to turn on remotely through the connected thermostat prior to guests arriving.