Want to be able to control your house just by using your voice?

NERO is an affordable, scalable, wireless home automation solution that can be retrofit into existing homes as well as new builds. Our electricians have been installing and programming this system, as seen on The Block, for five years.


Nero Smart Home Package, starting at $2000.

Package contents:

  • 1 x NERO Home Hub Gateway (NEXUS-NERO)
  • 3 x NERO Dimmers or Relays (NERO-DIM or NERO-RELAY)
  • 3 x Momentary Mech
  • 1 x Amazon Echo 2nd generation
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • 12 months unlimited warranty and premium support

Ability to program, control from phone or voice command your lights.

Why the Nero Home Automation Package?

A truly intelligent home is one that can be programmed to suit your lifestyle.

Nero is an affordable and retrofit solution that allows you to build your dream smart home, one switch at a time.

Your smart phone, tablet and voice becomes the control interface for your smart home, seamlessly merging lifestyle and technology into one.

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Interested in finding out more about Home Automation?

This may include automating lights, blinds and climate in your home, automating garden lights, integrating smart locks and intercoms, home security, garage door automation and so on.

We use systems that can be installed behind your existing switches and can be used with a wide range of quality globes, dimmable lights and other devices and appliances. We can integrate with Google Home, Amazon Alexa or other home assistants so that you can control your lights using voice activation.