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If you live in Melbourne you’ll know that you need to be ready for four seasons in one day, especially if you want to entertain outdoors. Thankfully a good outdoor heater is an easy way to add comfort to any outdoor space.

Our Melbourne Electricians install residential outdoor heaters in a variety of outdoor spaces. Whether it be an indoor/outdoor room, an outdoor pergola or kitchen, a deck, or pool area, we can install your heater promptly and professionally.

If you are weighing up the different outdoor heater options, give Tom a call to discuss the different types of heaters (i.e. infrared versus ceramic). With so many installs under out belt, we definitely recommend some types and brands of outdoor heaters over others.

three outdoor heaters installed in melbourne
outdoor infrared heater installation

We recommend Infratech Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Infrared Heaters are an excellent choice for your outdoor heating needs. They offer a greater heat output for the power usage compared to ceramic heaters.

We really like Infratech Infrared Heaters. Check out Heat&Grill for more info on these.

The best things about Infrared Heaters are:

  • Eco-Friendly with excellent energy efficiency
  • Excellent heat output
  • Silent operation
  • No harmful emissions or odours
Infratech Heater Installation

Local Installers for Heat&Grill Richmond

We are experienced at small and large scale heater installation. Because of this, our friends over at Heat&Grill Richmond refer their clients over to us for installation of their outdoor heaters. By choosing us, You can trust that your heater will be installed quickly and professionally.

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