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Call us today if you have an electrical emergency and one of our electricians will come to inspect your issue as soon as possible. We will prioritise emergency work so that you can get your electrics back up and running quickly and smoothly.

    Our Electricians can help you in an Electrical Emergency!

    If your lights go out unexpectedly or you’ve lost power completely, our local emergency electricians will come out to inspect and fix the problem!

    Sometimes the electrical problem is due to a fault that we can find, other times it is an issue with the mains power. If so, we’ll contact CitiPower for you to try and sort it out as soon as possible.

    We would warn you not to try and fix electrical issues yourself. It is important you have a professional licensed electrician take a look to ensure the repairs are long-lasting and to electrical standards.

    Our Emergency Electricians are creative problem-solvers

    Our electricians can Install or Fix:

    • Power Outages: Our licensed electricians will find the source of the electrical fault, be it a faulty appliance or faulty wiring and fix the problem.
    • Find out why a circuit breaker or safety switch is tripping. It is important to find the root cause of a blown fuse or tripped safety switch rather than just flicking the switch back on yourself. Issues could arise from overloaded power boards or faulty power sockets.
    • Switchboard upgrades may be required if your old switch board cannot handle the power requirements of your appliances.
    • Electrical Damage from Floods or Storms. Stay away from damaged appliances and call an emergency electrician to assess the damage and replace any damaged parts.