Outdoor Garden Lighting Installation

An easy way to Improve the Value of Your Home

Thinking of Selling? Or do you simply want to make your garden feel more welcoming at night?

Outdoor garden lighting is an easy way to improve the enjoyment and value of your home.

LED Garden lights improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space, and outdoor lighting also improves safety and security at night. Our outdoor garden lighting services include:

  • Outdoor sensor lights for front entrance
  • Automated LED garden lights
  • Copper garden spike lights
  • Wall lamps
  • Flood lights, path & step lights, deck lights
  • LED strip lights
  • Underwater lights for pools, ponds, water fountains
  • Festoon string lighting

Outdoor Garden Light Packages

We have created an affordable Garden Light Package to help create the garden of your dreams.

Startup package includes 10 of the best quality LED copper garden spike lights fully installed. These lights withstand all weather conditions over time and look beautiful.

See our package here:

Copper Outdoor Garden Light Installation Package

Smart Home Automated Garden Lighting

No extra switches, your garden lights will come on without you doing a thing!

Because we are also specialists in lighting automation, you will be able to control your garden lights from your phone, set them to automatically come on at sunset or even tell them to come on with a voice command! That means you’ll never have to try to remember which switch turns on which outdoor lights!

LED lights installed on garden path steps
Garden lighting Installation: tree lit up using copper spike garden uplights

Outdoor String Lights

Want to liven up your garden at night? Outdoor String Lights, also known as Festoon lights, are the way to go. Not only do festoon lights provide vibrant light, they also create a magical feel all year round. Sting them across your garden, wrap them around a tree or loop them across your front eave. They look spectacular.

Why have your festoon lights installed by an electrician? 

  • Anything electrical that you want set up permanently really should be installed properly by an electrician, and this includes festoon lights. Having your festoon lights wired properly will ensure a high quality finished product that is safe and well installed.
  • Our electricians can also set up your festoon lights to be controlled from your phone or to come on at sunset each day.
  • We use high quality LED festoon lights that provide a beautiful warm white light and they will last!
garden festoon lighting melbourne

Why Choose our Electricians to install your garden lights?

  • Our electricians are specialists in garden lighting
  • We have done the research for you and know the best copper garden lights that can withstand the harshest of conditions, look amazing, and highlight the features of your garden and entertainment area.
  • Not only that, we have worked with some of the best landscape designers in Melbourne on beautiful garden projects. We know what looks good.
  • We pride ourselves on offering you a complete service. Since we work on every step in the process, we guarantee our work and of course you can trust us to come and fix any issues for free.
  • With garden lighting, there’s no doubt you’ll entertain outdoors more and have the most coveted garden on the street! Ask us for a free quote by using our online form or call us to chat more about installing some garden lights in your garden.

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    Automated Garden Lights Make your Life Easier!

    • Entry and garden lights automatically turn on at dusk every night and turn off at a set time.
    • Your entrance lights can turn on automatically when you open your gate or open your garage door. Lights can have a timer and turn themselves off after elapsed time or at a set time.
    • Your outdoor lights can be set to a randomised schedule when you are on holiday to deter home intruders.
    • Because your garden lights will turn on and off automatically, you can get the most out of your garden with zero effort!

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