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Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

Do you know how old your existing switchboard is? You might be surprised to know how out of date your switchboard and wiring is compared to current electrical standards. Even if you haven’t had any major electrical issues, you might want to consider upgrading your switchboard to ensure it is safe and meeting the necessary standards.

So if you aren’t 100% sure that your switchboard is up-to-date and keeping your family safe – call us to come and take a look. We will give you a free quote on upgrading your switchboard and other electrical requirements. Alternatively, fill in our online form and we will be in touch!

General Wiring Electrician

Our electricians offer a wide range of general wiring services. You can go to our relevant service pages to read more about our services in wiring power points, wiring light fixtures, wiring outdoor lights, wiring ceiling fans, wiring ovens, and other general electrical wiring.

Our Electricians do residential and commercial switchboards and wiring

There are lots of reasons why you might need to or choose to upgrade your switchboard:

Not enough power – Your switchboard might not be able to adequately handle all of the power requirements of the many appliances around your home. We have so many more appliances than ever before and if your existing switchboard is old, it may not have been wired to take this into account. If your switchboard cannot handle the amount of electricity required by your household, you will find that your power could trip and your lights could flicker. Time to upgrade!

Short-circuits – older switchboards run the risk of a short-circuit, which could result in a house fire or risk of electric shock. You need to upgrade your switchboard if your current one uses replaceable wires on the fuses as this is out of date and could be a safety problem.

Safety Switches – Older switchboards don’t always have electrical safety switches. Safety switches are so important as they shut down power when something goes wrong, protecting you from electric shock. Here is some great information about safety switches if you want to read up or call us so that we can inspect your switchboard.