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Install a Home Intercom System

Check who’s at your door easily from your phone from anywhere!

Get peace of mind knowing you can see who is at your door before letting them in! Our electricians offer home intercom installation to Melbourne homes and offices.

Home Video Intercom Systems

Home video intercoms have a lot to offer beyond simple audio intercoms and thanks to developments in technology, they are now more affordable and effective than ever.

Video intercom systems allow you to see who is at the door before you let them in. This is particularly useful if you have tradespeople or unexpected visitors come to your home whose voices may not be familiar to you.

Home video intercoms can also be useful when you are not home. Many video intercom systems can record footage of people entering and exiting your property so you can look over it later.

The door access controlled system will only be able to be accessed by those with a valid identity and chipped card or thumbprint, unless given access from within the home.

Our electricians can install both wired and wireless intercom systems depending on your home and requirements. When you contact us, we can give you a recommendation and free quote after we discuss your home security needs.

You will feel safer and more confident knowing who is at your door before giving access to your home. Contact our Melbourne electricians for a free quote on a home video intercom system today!

Why choose to install a home intercom system?

  • Screen visitors at your gate or front door before allowing entry – improves home security!
  • Answer and open your front gate or front door from anywhere if we connect your intercom to your phone.
  • Deter criminals – home video intercom systems are excellent deterrents to potential thieves who think they might be recorded if they enter the property.
  • Monitor or communicate between multiple rooms in your home
  • Create a home intercommunication system so that you can speak to other family members throughout your home.
  • Home intercoms are necessary for security and communication for apartment buildings that have a common front entrance.
  • Connect Intercom systems into your home automation system so you can control your intercoms from your smartphone!