Your Home Security is Important!

Have you thought about just how safe and secure your home is for you and your family? Don’t live in fear of the worst case scenario. Our home security installation experts can help you be proactive and take steps to secure your home the best you can.

You most likely lock your doors, maybe you even have a house alarm. But is there more you could be doing for your home security?

Our electricians are fully licensed Security Equipment Installers and Advisors. We can give you advice to improve your home security, ranging from digital locks, intercom systems, house alarms, home security cameras, motion sensors, and automated lighting to deter home intrusion while you’re on holiday.


If you have an old alarm system in your home, don’t worry, we can just update it so you don’t have to rewire any new motion sensors.

Be proactive and put your mind at ease – give us a call so we can help you improve the security of your home to keep your family safe!

Our home security installation services:

  • Home Security Cameras: You can view footage from your camera in real-time from anywhere and even record snapshot images when they detect motion.
  • Sensors: Sensors can trigger alarms, or make your outdoor lights turn on when they detect motion.
  • Keyless Digital Locks: Never forget your keys again! You’ll be able to change the lock codes when you need to and receive notifications when someone enters and leaves the house.
  • Home Alarms: Home alarms are very effective at scaring off intruders. You can set or disarm your alarm from your phone from anywhere.
  • Intercoms: We install video intercom systems so that you can view your visitors and communicate with them before granting entry to your home. We can install intercoms with existing gates and automated gates.
  • Scheduled Outdoor Lighting: Schedule lights to turn on and off when you’re away so it appears like someone is home. This can be an effective way of deterring criminals.
We offer FREE on-site consultations or advice over the phone so don’t hesitate to call us to chat about your home security.