Want to save money on your electricity bills? Make the Switch to LED lights!

It’s no secret that electricity bills are skyrocketing. In fact, Victoria has the highest retail energy charges in the world!
Did you know you can save up to 80 per cent on your lighting costs by installing energy-saving LED lights around your home? Not only do they use less electricity to run, they also have an amazing lifespan so you’ll hardly ever have to change bulbs!
LED kitchen lighting

Upgrade to LED Downlights

  • Save money by changing over your halogen downlights for long-lasting LED downlights. And don’t worry, we have LED lights that have a warm glow – very similar to halogens.
  • We have found an excellent brand of LED down lights that are also dimmable!

Yes these down lights are an initial investment – but they will use significantly less energy so you’ll find your bills going down and they will pay themselves off over a few years.

Indoor & Outdoor LED Strip Lights

There are other kinds of LED lights that you might find useful around your house –  LED Strip Lights!

  • LED Strip Lights for Kitchen Lighting: Ever struggled to find something in your dark pantry cupboard? Or maybe you wish you had a bit more light as you’re stirring the veggies. We’ve all been there. We can solve these problems with strategically placed LED strip lights. We install them to be as inconspicuous as possible whilst providing the best light in those dim spaces.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Stair lighting: stairs can be a trip hazard if they’re not lit properly. LED strip lights look fantastic underneath indoor or outdoor stairs (hidden out of view).
  • Railings: LED strip lights provide an excellent wash of light when installed underneath railing

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