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Having a well-established system of outdoor garden and entry lighting to your home is aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, well-lit spaces also improve the safety of movement throughout your home. If you are going to be away, automated outdoor lights on schedules can be a strong deterrent to home intruders.

Spend more time outdoors with beautiful outdoor lighting!

It’s no secret that spending time outdoors with family and friends is good for us. Time outdoors reduces stress, improves family relations and is great for the kids or grandkids. That’s why having garden and outdoor lighting is important, so we can be out there more often.

Whether it be a patio, balcony, pergola pool area or backyard, lighting up your outdoor space will look fantastic and entice you to spend more time outdoors even after the sun goes down.

You’ll also be able to turn on your outdoor lights with your phone or voice command with Clipsal Nero Home Automation and smart voice technology. Better still, your outdoor lights can be set to come on at sunset and turn off at midnight.

We use the best copper outdoor lights including spike lights, wall lamps, and down lights. We use LED globes in all of our outdoor lighting.

Our Electricians Install:

  • Flood Lights to provide wide-spread light in dark outdoor areas.
  • Outdoor lights on sensors so that your lights turn on when it senses movement.
  • Scheduled Light switching so that outdoor lights automatically come on at sunset and turn off at midnight.
  • LED Strip lights to illuminate stairs and balconies from below, which means you won’t trip over.
  • Garage lights which will automatically come on when you activate your garage door or when they sense motion.
  • Festoon Lighting to add decorative feature lighting and ambiance with a soft wash of light.


In addition to outdoor lighting, we have a full Garden Lighting Design and Installation Service. We supply and install quality LED copper garden lights that withstand all weather conditions and look spectacular.

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