We create Beautifully Lit Spaces with Pendant Light Installation

Did you know that lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve the look and feel of your home?

Pendant lights look fantastic above staircases, dining areas, living rooms and bedrooms and they totally transform a space. If you have bought some beautiful pendant lights for your home, we can install them for you!

Mood lighting is easily created with lamps placed around a room, but turning each one on can be a hassle! One simple answer is to set up your lamps with lighting automation. You can set your lamps to all turn on together at dusk or control them with one button on your phone or even with a voice command using your Google Home.

The function of a space can also be hugely improved with lighting. Strip LEDs can be installed in those awkward, hard to see spaces like cupboards, drawers, and under benches.

Added possibilities of our feature light installations:

  • Dim your lights from your phone or have your lights dim automatically at a set time
  • Easily create mood lighting – set all of your lamps to automatically come on at sunset
  • Tell your Google Home to turn on all or certain lights around your home
  • Light up awkward dark spaces with strip LED lights.
  • Change over your down lights to energy-efficient LED down lights that have warm light and can be dimmed!

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