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Get Better Access by Upgrading your Power Points

Isn’t it a pain when you live in an older home and your room only has one power point? No-one wants ugly extension cables running around the room and power boards lying on the floor. If your house is in dire need of some additional power points, our electricians offer an affordable power point installation service.

Eliminate Messy Power Boards!

Many people use extra power boards all over the house to accomodate the wide range of appliances that we use in our modern lives. Power boards can cause grief with their messy cables and tripping issues from power overload. There is a simple solution! Our local electrician can change your single or double power points over to quad power points (with USB sockets) so that you have more power outlets in each space in your home. We will work with you to ensure you have enough power points for your electrical needs in each room of your house and we will test each power point for safety.

Upgrading your power points can add great value to your home.

There are some really beautiful modern power point base plates and accessories that totally change the look and feel of your space. You can get matte black finishes, chrome or brass detailing, and even a vertical style power outlet. Check out Buster and Punch for some inspiration that will change the way you look at your power points and light switches around your home.

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We can help with Power Point Installation

  • Upgrade from single to double or quad power points so you have the convenience of more power outlets in one location for all of your appliances and devices.
  • Test and Repair existing power points to check their safety and ensure they can handle the electrical load that you require in that space of your home.
  • Install power points with USB sockets so you can charge your devices conveniently without looking for your different adapters.