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Wall Mount your TV Today!

Looking to Wall-Mount your TV and clean up your cabling?

Maybe you’d like to listen to music throughout your house, all controlled from your phone?

Or you might have internet connectivity issues that need to be fixed?


Let us help you! We have extensive experience in Data and Hi-Fi installation. Our electricians will be quick to find a solution to a wiring or installation issue related to your TV, Internet, or speakers.

Best of all, you will be saving money by hiring an electrician for the job! Companies offering TV and Audio Visual installation services often aren’t qualified electricians and need to outsource the electrical work – more tradies lead to more time and money for you.

Looking to Wall Mount your TV, Install Speakers or Improve your Internet Connectivity?

You’ve come to the right place!

Wall mounting your TV and speakers significantly improves the look and feel of your space. More importantly, you protect your kids from the risk of messy cables and unstable devices.

Call us today to chat about TV, Internet or Speaker Installation in your home or small business. We offer free quotes and free on-site consultations.

Services include:

  • Wall-mounted TV Installation & data cabling
  • Multi-room audio installation
  • Outdoor TVs, Speakers, & Internet
  • Fix internet connectivity issues

Our Electricians can Install or Fix Data Points and Audio Visual Setups

Our electricians can Install or Fix:

  • Multi-room audio so you can control music in multiple rooms from your phone and even play different music in different rooms.
  • In-ceiling speakers with no visible cables which means they’re safe from the kids and pets, and unobtrusive.
  • Wall mounted TVs, which are a space-saving choice and look much better, in our opinion. We can mount your TV on your wall and hide your wiring behind your wall so that you don’t see any cables.
  • New TV points which are often required when moving a TV, installing a new tv, or if your tv point is faulty.
  • Tidy up cabling so no wires are seen by hiding them behind the walls. You can improve the look and safety of your space by wiring your tv and speaker cables into a cabinet or behind the wall. Messy, tangled cables sitting on the floor can be hazardous and unsightly!
  • Dead internet spots which can be an issue in homes, particularly ones with thick brick walls. We are extensive experience in data and hi fi wiring and can find solutions so that you can have strong internet access throughout your whole home.

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