The Electric Crew worked closely with the owners of this beautiful Hawthorn home to upgrade their existing lights to high quality LED lights, and also create greater convenience and control of their indoor and outdoor garden and pool lighting with automation technology. The solid brick home created inherent challenges with routing cables, but our electricians were able to offer the solution of wireless switches using Environexus automation technology.

The home was riddled with internet connectivity issues so our Hawthorn electrician investigated and upgraded the network, organised the change from a slow ADSL connection to high speed cable internet, and connected an ethernet cable from the main house to the pool house.

Environexus automation allowed for customised lighting schedules to be created. For example, the entry garden lights come on at sunset and turn off at 10pm, they also turn on if the entry gate is activated between the hours of 10pm and 6am, in the case of late return home.

The pool house and garden / pool lights are also able to be controlled from the main home via wireless switches, as well as from the owner’s smart device. The Electric Crew installed SONOS audio system in the pool house and integrated it into the network so that music can be played near the pool and be controlled from a smart device anywhere on the property.